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2015-10-21 (16:05:58)
2015-11-11 (15:29:33)
Acquired patent about PIG (Phosphor in Glass) manufacturing

Daejoo acquired a patent about PIG (Phosphor in Glass) manufacturing

PIG is one of type of LED materials. Daejoo has aquired patent 1559279 regarding high efficiency, high reliablity LED fill materials.

Newly developed PIG is manufactured by using Glass Frit.

By choosing optimum formulation which has excellent transparency and white index,

it is able to be applied in diverse LED applications.

Sintering is able to be done under low temperature, so it enables to use diverse type of phosphors.

There are some difficulties in thermal stability to realize high-power white LED,

but we expect that our PIG will help to grow the field of high- quliaty & high-efficiency LED modules

by providing High thermal stability Phosphor plate to LED industries.


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